How to Do a Toe Touch Crunch: Step-By-Step & Video

Toe Touch Crunch Exercise for weight loss and a healthy Lifestyle

Toe Touches focuses on your rectus abdomens and obliques. It is a killer core workout. 

Toe Touch Crunch Modifications

Based on Fitness Level

  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Experts: Body weight

Step-By-Step Instructions to Complete a Toe Touch Crunch

  1. Lying on your back with your right knee bent, your left leg straight.
  2. Your right arm straight over head, and left arm out to your side.
  3. Keeping your left leg straight, raise the left leg off the ground to a 90-degree angle of your body.
  4. Simultaneously reaching up with your right arm to touch your ankle, engaging your core and slightly raising your shoulders off the ground. Return to the starting position.

That is one rep. Complete the number of recommended reps on each side.

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