Are you someone that just wants to be told what to eat? 

The 4-Week Meal Plan...

Turn Your Meal Planning into an Uncompleted, "Done For You Process"

Here's What's Included:

  • 32 Amazing Recipes laid out over 4 weeks: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
  • Shopping List included for each week's meal plan
  • Meal plan tips and tricks to make cooking and prepping recipes easy
  • Customizable to your body's specific needs: 1,350 - 1,865 Calories
  • Base meal plans macros are geared towards Weight Loss: 34% Protein | 39% Carbs | 27% Fat
  • A Nutritional Calculator that will help you better understand exactly what your body needs
  • BONUS: I give tips on how to adjust every single recipe to hit your personal macro needs!

Valued at $89.99 but on sale for just $44.99, that's 50% off!

What's on the Menu?

Food is the most important fuel you can feed your body no matter what your goal is:

Lose Weight, Building Muscle, or Maintain Current Weight. This is where meal planning helps you stick to your goals!


Within each of the weekly meal plans you will have:

  • The calendar for the week: This summarizes each of the meals that you will eat each day.
  • A Shopping list: making It easy for you to check for the ingredients that you already have before going to the grocery store. Each ingredient needed to make every recipe for the week is included. 
  • Notes: The notes will help you plan for the week's worth of cooking. If you don't work from home or are too busy when you work from home, you will want to follow the notes for the prepping schedule. This will ensure that you have your breakfast, lunch, and snack meals prepared before you begin your day.
  • Do you count macros? Not to worry, I give tips on how to adjust every single recipe to fit your personal macro needs! Need more protein, more carbs, less fat...Not to worry I have you covered! Within each recipe, I provide notes on how you can adjust the recipe to fit your Individual macro goals. This will be very helpful If you are choosing to use the meal plan examples as a guide rather than following them to a tee.

It's time to stop eating the same boring recipes every single week.

Learn to love food again with these amazing quick, easy, and healthy recipes included in this 4-Week meal plan examples!

One-time payment of $44.99


Weekly Meal Plans


Customizable to fit your personal goals: 1,400 - 1,850 calorie plans

Shopping Lists

For each week so you can easily stock up on the necessary ingredients.

Recipes: Printable & Digital


Each recipe provides nutritional facts, as well as meal prep notes.

All your meals are planned for you, making eating healthy uncomplicated!

    One-time payment of $44.99


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