About Me Jenn Lamb, Creator of A Dash of Macros Girl in green jacket and grey shirt sitting at kitchen counter.

Hey! I’m Jenn,

Creator of A Dash of Macros: Providing Easy Healthy Recipes.

I’m just your average Mid-Western Girl, bitten by the foodie bug! However, before I go into more detail about who I am, I want to tell you who I am not. I’m not a professional chef, I have no formal training other than a few random couples cooking classes. I didn’t grow up in a family of chefs, in fact neither of my parents really knew how to cook. While I may not have any formal training…I am a damn good cook! I found the love of food, cooking, healthy eating, and fitness almost 20 years ago and have been perfecting these skill and diving deeper into my passion ever since!’ 

I believe food should be easy, healthy, & exciting!

A Little Background:

I first started cooking after moving out of my father’s house and was attending classes at The College for Creative Studies, an art school in Detroit Michigan. My passion for art is what lead me to my passion for food…treating my plate as my canvas and creating beautiful recipes. Ever since the early 2000’s I have been embracing my passion for food, food science, diet culture, health, and over-all well being. 

However, you won’t find me doing crazy things here. I love to create simple, healthy recipes that anyone can make following my easy step by step instructions. No fancy ingredients, just your ordinary everyday foods combined together to create exciting new healthy recipes. 

Professional Career:

Not knowing how to turn my passion for food into a career, outside of working in a kitchen, I found myself working in property management. Where I have had a very successful career for past 16 years. While that is still my career, my passion is and will always be food. And that is where A Dash of Macros was born. 

My Food Blog:

A Dash of Macros was launched in early 2015 under the name Fitness Foodie Lifestyle. As you can tell, I didn’t have a focus yet. Since the initial launch I became an expert of many different diets: Keto, Whole 30, Clean Eating, Macros, Intermittent Dieting, Intuitive Eating… and the list goes on. The one that has really resonated with me is Counting Macros. A Macro Diet is not a diet, it is more of a lifestyle. By following a macro lifestyle you are not restricting certain foods, you are not cutting calories. You are eating the proper portions of the foods you love, to hit your goal, based on your body, and your lifestyle. Nourishing your body with the foods it needs.

No, you do not need to count macros or follow any diet to enjoy my recipes.

However, for those that do count macros, I provide all of the macro nutrition for each recipe. Additionally, I provide tips on how to make adjustments to my recipes to hit your specific macro goals.

More about me and my family:

  • My better half, our 14 year old beagle, and I, currently live in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.
  • However, I have lived all over the United States: Michigan, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Phoenix Arizona, and now San Francisco.
  • I am the oldest of 3 daughters. My entire family still lives in Michigan and I get home as often as possible. I am an aunt to 3 beautiful, funny, and smart kids!
  • Like many people I LOVE to travel, I have been all over the US. But I have also had the opportunity to visit: Canada, Mexico, Scotland, Rome, Greece, & Spain
  • Living in and visiting each of these amazing places has allowed me to experience various cultures and cuisines!
  • When I am not in the kitchen you can find me: workout or enjoying just about anything outdoors: Running, Hiking, Kayaking, Swimming, Camping, and Boating.
  • My dream is to own a catamaran and sail the world! Where I can continue to share my love for cooking, taking it globally, from my tiny boat kitchen!

Just a Dash:

A Dash of Macros is just like a dash of spice, you can incorporate as much or as little macro nutrition as you would like into your life.

You can focus on:

  • Simply cooking delicious and nutritious meals
  • Meal prepping to save time and money during the week
  • Cooking with specific macro and/or calorie goals in mind

No matter how much or how little macro nutrition you want to include in your diet, I am here to help!

The goal is to provide EVERYONE with healthy delicious recipes each week.


Have questions or you can’t find the answer? Feel free to send me a message! My goal is to personally respond to all messages within 48 hours.