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One-Pot Meal Recipes

Easy One-Pot Meals might be my absolute favorite type of recipe.

Typically these meals are relatively simple, and they make for super easy cleanup. Additionally, every recipe I have ever made using this technique has turned out tasting amazing! There is something about cooking everything together, allowing the ingredients to stew together that just adds so much flavor!

If you are looking for an easy dinner idea you should give a one-pan meal a try. Start with some of my favorites: Keto Taco Skillet, Beef and Noodles, or my Cajun Sausage and Rice.' However, I'm positive after you have tried a few one-pot meal recipes you'll be creating our own recipes in no time!

Easy, Chicken and Black Bean Soup

Whether it’s a cold winter’s night or your just craving a healthy Mexican recipe, this…

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Easy, Greek Chicken One Skillet Meal

Easy healthy recipes Green Chicken One Pot Meal

Satisfy your craving for greek food with this easy Greek Chicken One Skillet meal! If…

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The Best Gazpacho Recipe

Easy The best gazpacho Recipe Thumbnail: Gazpacho served in glasses surrounded by chips on a round cutting board.

A refreshing bite of summer, with this Easy Gazpacho Recipe! Do you like your gazpacho…

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Easy, Cast Iron Focaccia Bread w/Italian Herbs

Easy Cast Iron Focaccia Bread No Knead One hour Bread covered in herbs and cheese baked served in a pan.

Homemade Cast Iron Focaccia Bread has never been easier. This is not only the most…

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Puerto Rican Asopao, Chicken & Rice Stew

Puerto Rican Asopao Chicken and Rice Stew served in a white bowl with crackers and bread Meal Prep Meal Planning Counting Macros

Recipes are passed down from generation to generation changing along the way. Each family member…

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Chicken Burrito Skillet Recipe

Chicken Burrito Skillet Recipe Meal Prep Meal Plan Counting Macros One Pot Meal Low Carb

I don’t know about you but I can’t get enough Mexican food. However when I…

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Pork Shoulder Green Chili Stew

Pork Shoulder Green Chili Stew Meal Prep Meal Planning Counting Macro s Freezer Friendly

When I think about meal planning, I not only think about the weekday meals, I…

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Peruvian Red Snapper Ceviche

Peruvian Red Snapper Ceviche Aji Sauce Meal Planning Meal Prep Dinner Recipe

Easy Peruvian Red Snapper Ceviche, a light and refreshing recipe that will leave your craving…

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One Pot Beef Stroganoff Recipe

One Pot Beef Stroganoff Recipe, Noodles and beef cooked in a mushroom soup. Cooked in a light blue cast iron pan. Great for meal prep, counting macros, freezer friendly

Classic Beef Stroganoff made easy… one pot meal! When I was a kid I used…

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Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Orzo

Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Orzo Meal Prep Meal Planning Counting Macros One Pot Meal

I don’t know about you but the word “Creamy” makes my mouth start to water!…

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Easy Bolognese Sauce Recipe

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would…

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Chicken and Chickpea Rice Soup

Chicken and Chicpea Rice Soup Meal Prep Meal Planning Counting Macros Freezer Friendly

Ending this week of freezer meal prep recipes with a soup. Because soup is always…

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Creamy Chicken Pasta with Peas and Asparagus

Pasta lovers looking for a new recipe that is not only delicious, but make for…

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Keto Mexican One Pot Meal

Keto Mexican One Pot Meal Meal Prep Meal Planning Counting Macros

Working for home means a lot more cooking at home. But who has time to…

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Cheesesteak Pepper Skillet

Cheesesteak Pepper Skillet Meal Prep Meal Planning Counting Macros low carb

Low carb this and low carb that…well how about a low carb Philly Cheesesteak? This…

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