A Progressive Strength Training App designed for WOMEN!

To help you burn fat, build lean muscle and reveal that tone, lean, beautifully Strong Physique while doing the most Effective and Efficient workouts!

Only $45 per month, Cancel anytime!


Strong Physique is like having a personal trainer in your pocket...but at a fraction of the price!

The Strong Physique App makes it easy for you to workout and stay on track. With options for working out at home with limited equipment to working out in a gym. Strong Physique removes the excuses!


Start your Strong Physique fitness journey today for just $45 a month with the ability to cancel no questions asked at any time.


Many people, especially introverts, find working with a personal trainer intimidating. I know, I'm an introvert and felt this way for years! I just wanted to know what to do but wanted to do it on my own, without having to talk to someone, being able to just put my earbuds in and workout on my own!


For those who just want to know what to do, so you can pop in your earbuds, listen to your music, and crush your workout, this is perfect! You'll get the programming and the videos you can easily follow on your own, without the awkward interaction of working with a personal trainer in the gym. I'll be right there in your pocket!


With Strong Physique, I'm here to help you whenever you have questions, and to provide motivation, and feedback!


(Only $45 per month, Cancel anytime!)

Amazing Features to Keep You on Track


Displaying your workouts for the day so you never have to guess what you should be doing


Track your progress, weight lifted and reps completed for every workout so that you can continue to progress with ease!


You have the ability to substitute any exercise! Don't have the right equipment, hate the movement, swap it out! 


Easy-to-follow videos for every workout in the app. Making it easy for you to learn proper form and new movements!

Connection To Other Apps

The ability to connect to MyFitnessPal, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Withings Scale, Apple Health App, and many more! Making it easy to track all of your progress and stats in one place!


Connect with other women just like you in the Strong Physique consistency group where we have monthly live group calls and monthly challenges to help keep you motivated!

Nicole M.   Age 51

There were some exercises that I did not know before this program. I really like the variety of both the weights and the bands! I have incorporated daily walks into this program and that has made such a big difference- I hope to keep that year-round!!


Belle M.  Age 25

I loved the workout's from this program, I definitely feel stronger. Not only are you doing the compound movements, you're adding in stabilizing and mobility work.


Salma M.  Age 51

Really enjoying these workouts. Feeling strong and great at the gym. I really really appreciate everything you are doing Jenn. You are super motivating and your program is easy to follow. I am definitely feeling stronger. I don't know if my measurements or weight reflect how I feel but I am feeling more confident.


Natalie R.  Age 34

This program was just what I needed to stick to my goal of losing fat to create a leaner, fitter-looking body. I knew I didn't have a lot to lose and wasn't particularly unhappy with how I looked but given how much I was working out and already meal planning/eating healthy, I needed a push to get out of my routine and get to where I wanted to be. Jenn's guidance was extremely helpful

Create Real Change In Your Physique!

It's true, the older we are, the harder it is to get or to stay in shape. Our bodies, metabolism, and hormones change and what used to work in our 20's and early 30's no longer works!

Endless Cardio, Skipping Meals, and Workouts that leave you sore for days are not what is going to get you the body you want. And the older we get, the less those efforts even work...if they worked at all...Have you really ever been truly excited about your physique, or has it always just been about being thin?

Do you want to finally see a REAL change in your Physique?

Stop wasting time following random workouts, doing endless cardio, and trying the next workout trend.

What you need, is to start following a different approach! One that is geared towards women, that actually works to build lean muscle and burn fat, while also aiding in your recovery so that you can finally get the results that you want!

Strong Physique is going to provide you with the most effective and efficient workouts, so you can stop spinning your wheels, and wasting time on workouts that just aren't going to get you the results you want. Strong Physique is going to get you that strong, lean, tone, beautiful body that you have always wanted, or get it back if life has taken its toll.

(Only $45 per month, Cancel anytime!)


I've been there, over-exercising, excessive dieting, restricting foods, doing endless cardio, only to NOT get the results that I wanted. With all of that effort, I still had the extra 5-10 pounds of fat around my mid-section and butt, I didn't seem any closer to being able to see that toned definition I was looking for, and honestly, I felt like nothing would work!


I tried it all from CrossFit, Kickboxing, Cycle classes, Body Pump classes, Yoga, HIIT classes, and long-duration cardio.


It turns out doing MORE is not always a good thing! When I stopped following random workouts, when I stopped over-exercising, when I stopped starving my body, that is when I started seeing the results I was looking for.


Focusing on Progressive Strength Training geared toward my goals is when I was finally able to get that lean, toned, Strong Physique that I wanted!


This is the exact format and exercises that I have followed and all of my clients have followed to get the results you want!

Transform your life with REAL results!

(Only $45 per month, Cancel anytime!)

How Does Strong Physique Work?

  • You will have the option of Home workouts or Gym workouts.
  • The workouts will be broken down into Progressive Strength Training Phases...because progressive is the BEST way to see improvements in your body composition.
  • Each phase will be broken down into 6-weeks. During each of these phases, you'll be doing similar workouts, as this allows you to track your progress with the goal of progressing from week to week.
  • The phases in this program will rotate between Strength/Endurance training and Straight Up Strength. This helps to prevent burnout and boredom...keeping the workouts exciting while also focusing on your goals: That Strong Lean Sexy Physique!
  • Strong Physique is a monthly subscription with the ability to cancel at any time, right inside of the app, no questions asked. You will continue to get new programming every 6 weeks until you have achieved the body you're craving!

(Only $45 per month, Cancel anytime!)


What's Included in Strong Physique?

The Strong Physique is an app-based platform where you will have access to:

  • Your training programming
  • Ability to track your progress: Number of Reps and Amount of Weight for every exercise.
    • The best part is the app keeps track of your history. You never need to remember the weight you used the prior week or the last time you completed the same exercise. You'll know exactly where you had progressed to, so you know where to start with each exercise.
  • If you don't have access to the specific machine/piece of equipment or you absolutely hate one of the exercises programmed, you have the ability to substitute out any exercise.
    • Simply hit the substitute button and it will automatically pull up a list of all the available exercises that work the similar muscle group...taking the guesswork out of it for you!
  • There are videos of every single exercise that opens right in the app, making it easy for you to learn proper form and new movement patterns.
  • The ability to connect to other apps, and bring all your health information to one place:
    • MyFitnessPal
    • Apple Watch
    • Fitbit
    • Withings Scale
    • The Apple Health App: This means anything that is linked to your health app can be tracked even if it's not one of the above apps.
  • Access to me to ask any question anytime, directly through the app!


Added BONUS:

In addition to Strong Physique, you will also:

  • Weekly Motivation emails for me to help keep you engaged, motivated, and learning
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls, so that you can ask any questions you might have and can continue to level up your goals! These calls will range from Q&A sessions to nutrition and fitness education, and the occasional cooking class! ($175 Value)
  • Monthly Group Challenges, to help keep you motivated, and to continue to push yourself to level up your goals! ($100 Value)
  • Be invited to join my #ContinuedConsistency my Private Facebook Group where all of my clients share their wins, setbacks, recipes they love, interesting articles they've found, and new products or supplements they've tried! You'll be sounded by like-minded, ladies all with the goal to live their longest, strongest, healthiest life, which will help keep you motivated on your goals! ($500 Value)

(Only $45 per month, Cancel anytime!)

Hey, I'm Jenn!

Creator of Strong Physique and founder of A Dash of Macros, I'm so glad you're here!

Over the last 10+ years, I have tried it all, but nothing has helped me transform my body more than Weight Training....specifically Progressive Overload with Strong Physique.

Not only has progressive overload proven to be the most impactful in my overall body composition, but it has helped me turn back time. I'm in my early 40's and my skin looks better, everything is tighter, almost all my cellulite is gone, I have never felt better, stronger, healthier, and my mental focus is on point!

Weight training (heavy and progressive) is the only exercise that helps you burn more calories long after the workout is complete, boosts your metabolism, helps to balance our hormones, and helps us age better, with fewer aches, pains, and stronger bones/muscles/joints!

It truly is the best exercise for your body and I'm so excited for you to begin my Strong Physique program!

(Only $45 per month, Cancel anytime!)


Jen F.  Age 52

I think anyone who wants to hire a coach should work with you because you have a great education system, website, always accessible to answer questions and such a positive coach. you have a great app for weight training. There is no question that you have a complete program to get anyone to the next level with constant support and recommendations. If a client puts in the work, they will absolutely get results working with you.

Michelle A.  Age 47

I was at a point in my life that I wanted to lose a few pounds and also just lose fat and gain muscle. I needed weight training that I knew would give me the results I wanted. Jenn was so encouraging. She really helped me to realize that the small changes would eventually pay off and be things I could stick with long term. the changes in my muscle definition made an even bigger difference! It is absolutely worth every penny!

Susie P.   Age 52

I love Jenn’s Strong Physique app!! The workouts are programmed for you and your lifting history is at your fingertips! You just follow the program that’s set up for you. It even changes every six weeks. Don’t have the equipment- no worries...just look up a substitute exercise. Or if the lift doesn’t work for you it’s super easy to switch them out. And Jenn is right there with you as your biggest cheerleader providing encouragement and support and of course answering any questions you have.
If you level up and work with Jenn in a coaching relationship ALL OF YOUR DATA links to the fitness app. Major bonus!! I linked a few other apps that I use and now everything she needs for coaching is in one place. It’s a time saver for both of us.

Beck W.  Age 29

The workouts were fun, challenging, diverse, difficult... all of the above. Because the workouts were so great, there were many times during the program I would stand in front of the mirror at the gym, working with dumbbells, and thinking "HOLY CRAP, I have never looked hotter in my life" "I can't believe I'm lifting these heavy dumbbells and I am lean and fit but not bulky!" I saw a major change in every part of my body. The stubborn lower back fat faded after only 4-6 weeks, my arms got SO toned, and my butt got rounder and firmer and tighter and lifted. My thigh gap increased, my abs got tighter, and I could see the change in every part of my body.

Keeps Me Structured...

Being post-menopausal, and seeing an increase in my weight and a decrease in my strength each passing year, I finally made the decision to do something about it.
What I love about the app is that with each exercise there are written and visual instructions on how to perform it. I was able to perform each exercise with the equipment I already had at home and each routine left my muscles tired but I was not overly sore the next day where I couldn’t move.
The workouts keep me structured, and I do not feel overwhelmed so much that I am looking forward to getting up in the morning to do them (not my normal).
Jenn’s support has been unbelievable and anytime I have a question, she always gets back to me quickly.  I also think she’s my biggest cheerleader and I love her support!
I also really appreciate the pricing of the app because it’s affordable. I can’t wait to see the results I get in the future. Thank you Jenn!”

- Lori D.

I love using the App...

I love using the Stronge Physique Fitness App. 
Having not done weights for a few years and coming back to the gym originally made me feel a bit anxious, but this App has made it so much easier. I know what I’m going to be doing each time I go, I’m not just standing around deciding what to use next and it’s like having my own personal coach with me as there is a guided step-by-step and video for each exercise available. 
I would highly recommend the App for anyone wanting to start a fitness plan or also if you just need that extra boost as it will encourage you to better yourself. 

- Diane W.

The App is REALLY EASY to Use...

I love the fitness app.  You can preview each workout before going to the gym.  Once in the gym, if you forget how to do an exercise, you can watch a video to make sure you perform the exercise correctly.  The rest periods are after each exercise. You tap the start button after completing the exercise and your rest periods aren’t too short or too long.  When you go back to repeat the workout, your personal best is right next to the exercise.  You don’t have to remember or guess what you did last time. The app can be linked to a lot of commonly used apps. You can review previous workouts by going to the calendar.
It has progress tabs that you can click on and see graphs. For example: If you track your daily weight in your Fitbit app. You can tap that icon and see a graph of your weight fluctuations.  Your weight is automatically stored in this app. 
The app is really easy to use. I really do love it. 

-Kathleen B.

I LOVE the Workouts...

I’ve been using this fitness app for almost a month and I am really enjoying it. I love the workouts and the ability to track your progress. I also really appreciate the feature to switch out an exercise (which I sometimes need to do due to limited gym equipment). The ability to integrate My Fitness Pal and to track my stats allows Coach Jenn and me really get a good understanding of my progress. This app has really taken my coaching with Jenn to the next level. I've been working with Jenn since March of this year and I appreciate her motivation and how she holds me accountable to help me reach my goals. 

- Salma M. 

I Would Recommend to Anyone...

The Fitness app is like having Jenn in your pocket!
I love that the app syncs with MyFitnessPal and Fitbit so all your info is in one spot. It also keeps track of your reps/weight. If you don’t know how to do an exercise there’s a video right in the app. And if you are unable to do an exercise there are substitutions. There are timers integrated throughout the workout to keep you on track. And when you are resting you can go into other apps while the timer is still going. The guided stretches are great as well! The best part is you can send a message directly to Jenn if you have any issues/questions.
I love that Jenn is very relatable and is a judgment-free zone! I feel like it’s because she’s been in your shoes. Her response times are awesome. She makes a point to address any questions/concerns you may have and to cheer you on when you need it the most! Jenn truly wants to see you succeed. I would recommend her to anyone!

- Belle S. 

Within minutes of signing up, you will get an email with access to the app. At that point, you will create your username and password. And then you will have immediate access to your workouts to get started! 

Additionally, within 24 hours of signing up, you will get a welcome email from me, inviting you to join the private Facebook group. 

As stated above this program is delivered in 6-week phases, rotating between the Strength/Endurance Phase and Straight Up Strength Phase. 

To see the most progress in your physique goals it is recommended that you follow the programming how it is laid out. However, for those with just too much to do and not enough time, you can easily make changes to both phases to fit your schedule and still make really great progress towards your goals. The recommendation is to try and get at least 3-4 strength training days in each week. 

The Strength/Endurance Phases includes 6 workouts

  • 4 Strength Training Days: 45-60 Minutes
  • 2 Cardio Days: 15- 30 Minutes

However, if your schedule does not allow for 6 days of workouts, you can easily skip the cardio days to fit your schedule. The strength days are by far the most important. 

The Straight Up Strength Phases includes 5 workouts

  • All 5 are Strength Training Days: 45 - 75 Minutes

But again if your schedule does not allow for 5 days of workouts, you can pick which of the 5 workouts you would like to complete that week. But remember it is always best to try and get at least 3-4 days of strength training in each week. 

If you chose the Home Edition you will need:

  • A Set of Dumbells
  • A Set of Fitness bands

If you do not already have these, in your welcome email that you get within 24 hours of signing up, I will provide my recommendations for these items. 

If you chose the Gym Edition, your gym should have everything you need. However, there are a few things that I just always like to have in my gym bag:

  • Wrist Straps
  • Lifting Belt
  • Fitness Bands

I like to have these so I don't have to search the gym floor looking for theirs, but also so I don't have to share with others or have to wait to use them. 

Again, in the welcome email that you will get from me within 24 hours of signing up, I will provide you with my recommendations if you don't already have these items. 

You Have 2 Options for Signing Up! 

  • Gym Edition: This will give you new workouts every 6 weeks, based on having all the equipment that is available at a gym
  • Home Edition: This will give you new workouts every 6 weeks, based on having limited equipment: Dumbbells and Band

But at any time if you want to level up your goals and switch from the Home program to the Gym, all you have to do is email me and I can easily make the switch!

The goal is to always be progressing, therefore at some point, you will most likely want to join a gym. This will give you the ability to continue to push yourself in your workouts, continue to progress, and continue to see positive change in your physique!

As long as it takes! 

Building lean muscle, and making real physique changes takes a long time. A lot longer than it takes to lose fat. This is why this is a monthly subscription and not some short-term program. In fact, any program that touts quick body composition changes in a short period of time is just flat-out lying to you...It is a marketing ploy. 

How long it takes varies from person to person depending on where they are starting, their prior workout, or dieting history. Everyone's journey is different!

This program was created to help you build fitness into your normal routine, making fitness part of your life. Rather than only focusing on it when you have an event, a vacation, a special occasion, or when you have a weight loss goal.

This program is to help you enjoy your longest, strongest, healthiest life, while loving your Sexy, Strong Physique. And not allowing your body to be the thing that slows you down in life. 

Within the first 2-6 months at some point, you are going to walk past a mirror catch a glimpse of your bicep, your calf, or your core and you'll do a double take. You'll step back in the mirror to check yourself out. You'll see all your hard work is paying off and you'll be hooked! 

But know that you can cancel at any time. There is ZERO long-term commitment. You can cancel when you have reached your body composition goals. Or you could keep going and level up your goals. Or keep going to maintain your goals and continue following the workouts! 

All fitness levels can do these workouts!

Whether you're a Beginner or an Expert, you start with the weight that is right for you! 

For beginners, there is an instructive video for every exercise movement so that you can learn exactly what you are supposed to do. Work on your form with each movement, and progress at the rate you are comfortable with. 

Start with light weights, get comfortable with the movement for the first 1-2 weeks of each phase and then as you feel comfortable, increase the weight, working to make each movement challenging! You want to work up to a weight that is difficult. It is those difficult reps that are going to create the most impact on your body composition! As you move through the phases, each week you will begin feeling more and more confident in the movements, and you'll be able to push yourself further! 

For those more Advanced, there is always room to progress with the movements, lifting heavier, increasing time under tension, or increasing the number of reps. Use this programming to focus on the most effective and efficient workouts. Tracking your progress over time, and continue improving. You are going to love the way this app tracks your history on each lift! 

I'll be honest, ideally, you'd not do too much other exercise while doing this program for the best results.

You can take leisurely walks or bike rides as much as you, but you don't really want to do anything that gets your heart rate pumping.

If you are doing excessive cardio for example, it WILL take away from your results.  Feel free to throw in a yoga class, the occasional Zumba, Body Pump, or Boxing class is fine...occasionally: 2-4 times per month. But don't go overboard.

You need your rest and if you are adding this program on top of other training, you need to be aware that you are overtraining your body and not giving your body sufficient time to recover...and Recovery is NECESSARY for optimal results. 


Next to every workout within the program, there is a substitute button. You can click that button and my app will automatically pull up every workout that focuses on the similar muscle group. This takes all the guesswork out for you, making it super easy for you to swap exercises. 

  • Absolutely hate one of the exercises I programmed, swap it out!
  • Don't have the right equipment to do a specific workout, swap it out!
  • Have an injury and want to give that area some time to recover, swap it out!

Yes, every exercise includes a video so you can always see exactly what the movement is and learn the proper form.

Strong Physique is a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time, no questions asked. You simply cancel your subscription right in the app! 

However, if within the first 7 days of your initial purchase you are not satisfied, please reach out to me and I will give you 100% of your money back and cancel your subscription for you! 

Recurring Payments: 

Your monthly payment will take place every month on the same day of the month, as your initial purchase. 

Beyond the 7-days you are welcome to cancel at any time. However, no prior payment will be refunded, but all future payments will be canceled and reoccurring payments will be suspended. You will continue to have access until the end of your current billing cycle. At the end of that cycle, your access will be revoked, and no future charges will be assessed. Cancellation during the middle of a billing cycle will not result in a prorated refund.

Send me an email at: [email protected] and I will help clarify anything you need! 

(Only $45 per month, Cancel anytime!)

Strong Physique

Get both HOME & GYM Workouts! 

So that way no matter where you are, you're able to do the workout that is best for you!

  • Home Workouts: Perfect for the person who has limited equipment and works out from home! Or for the Gym goer that's traveling and only has access to a smaller gym with limited equipment!
  • Gym Workouts: Perfect for the person who enjoys going to the gym, or has access to all the equipment you'd typically find at the gym at home!

    No matter where you workout, this Strength Training Program is going to help you get that lean, toned, Strong Physique you want!

    Complete the Above to Start the Check Out Process!

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