How to Do A Russian Twist: Step-by-Step & Video

Russian Twist Exercise for weight loss and a healthy Lifestyle

Russian Twists are a great ab exercise to tighten and tone your core. While also working on your balance and stability in your spin. 

Russian Twist Modifications

Based on Fitness Level

  • Beginner: Body weight
  • Intermediate and Experts: With a medicine ball or dumbbell in hands, and feet elevated off the floor.

Step-By-Step Instruction to Complete a Russian Twist:

  1. Sit with bent knees and your feet pressing firmly into the floor, holding a weight in the center of your body.
  2. Sit back slightly, keeping your spin straight. Twist from the center to the right touching the weight to the floor on the right side of your body, then twist back to center.
  3. Once centered twist to the left, again touching the weight to the floor. Then twist back to center.

That is one Russian Twist. Complete the number of recommended reps.


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