How to do Hammer Curls: Step-By-Step & Video

Hammer Curls Arm Exercises Dumbbells

Hammer Curls are a variation of the bicep curl which targets your bicep as well as your forearm muscles. 

Hammer Curl Modifications

Based out your Fitness Level

  • Beginner,Intermediate, and Experts: All levels will want to use dumbbells, one in each hand. For each fitness level you will want to pick a weight that is challenging but allows you to finish each set.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Complete Hammer Curls:

  1. Stand up straight with a dumbbell in each hand, holding them alongside of you. Your palms should be facing your body. Keep your feet hip-width apart and engage your core to stabilize the body.
  2. Keep your biceps stationary and start bending at your elbows, lifting one dumbbell.
  3. Lift until the dumbbell reaches shoulder-level. Hold this briefly, then lower back to the starting position.

That is one Hammer Curls. Switch arms and follow the same steps. Continue with this movement rotating between arms.


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