One-Pot Meal Recipes

Easy One-Pot Meals might be my absolute favorite type of recipe.

Typically these meals are relatively simple, and they make for super easy cleanup. Additionally, every recipe I have ever made using this technique has turned out tasting amazing! There is something about cooking everything together, allowing the ingredients to stew together that just adds so much flavor!

If you are looking for an easy dinner idea you should give a one-pan meal a try. Start with some of my favorites: Keto Taco Skillet, Beef and Noodles, or my Cajun Sausage and Rice.' However, I'm positive after you have tried a few one-pot meal recipes you'll be creating our own recipes in no time!

Zucchini Noodles with Corn Salsa

Servings: 2 Ingredients: 250 g Zucchini, sliced into fettuccine sized noodles (1 large zucchini)1/2 cup…

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