Monthly Accountability & Consistency Mini Pod

Accountability, Consistency, Mindset, and Support to help you stay focused and keep you motivated to live your Longest, Strongest, Healthiest Life!

A mini pod designed for those who have already coached with me!

Your 1:1 Coaching or Group program has ended. Have you reached your goals and you want to maintain them? Maybe you're still working towards your goals. Or maybe you're waiting for the next program to begin. No matter where you are, you know you want to stay focused, you want to stay consistent, and you want to continue being motivated by me!

Here's What #ContinuedConsistency will provide you:

Monthly Group Challenges

From Dry January, to 1 Mile a Day for 30 Days, to Taking a Break from the scale! Every month there will be a different group challenge to help keep you motivated! Each challenge will include prompts to share in the Facebook group or on Instagram as a fun way to help you share your consistency! But of, course sharing is not a requirement.


Monthly Live Group Calls

These group calls will range from Q&A sessions, to nutrition and fitness education, or live cooking classes!


A Private Chat Group

This Chat group is right inside of the Strong Physique App, and is one of the best ways to cultivate a community of support, learn from others, share ideas with others, and create a connection around healthy values with other like-minded individuals!


Continued Access to Me

For many of us, we need someone pushing us to do the thing, someone in our corner rooting for us, someone to bounce ideas or questions off, and for some of us we need to be making a financial commitment to keep us doing the thing! And that is what I will be here for!


Access to:

  • All of the delicious recipes
  • The easy-to-follow meal plans
  • Every nutritional education post
  • All of the bonuses
    • Macro Calculator
    • Eat Your Macros Guide
    • What to Eat to Hit Your Macros
    • Protein Cheat Sheets
    • And More!


What #ContinuedConsistency is not:

This mini pod is not a place where I will be updating or reviewing macro trackers, providing specific personalized monthly goals, or reviewing: DNC's, Preemptive Cheats, or Intermittent sampling. For more personalized coaching you will want to join one of my coaching programs or jump back into monthly coaching. #ContinuedConsistency is a place to help hold you accountable, provide motivation, build on your consistency, and provide some guidance.