Navigate Holiday Meals

Navigate Holiday Meals, without Overindulging or Feeling Guilty
Navigate Holiday Meals, without Overindulging or Feeling Guilty
Navigate Holiday Meals, without Overindulging or Feeling Guilty

Navigate Holiday Meals, without Overindulging or Feeling Guilty

This is the time of year we might feel like we have the least amount of control over the food we eat. Like all the healthy habits you’ve built just get tossed out the window. You might even think “Screw it, I’ll focus on my health next year”! You find yourself overindulging or feeling guilty about your food choices.

With all of the holiday parties, massive buffets, and meals out with friends/family. It can be really hard to stick to your healthy habits, toss them out the window, and forget about them till next week, next month, or next year. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I want to help you navigate the holiday meals, without overindulging or feeling guilty!

I want to introduce you to a small piece of my Moderation Program…Intermittent Sampling. This is a great tool when you are faced with many different food options. Whether that be at a wedding buffet, an all-you-can-eat restaurant, Thanksgiving Dinner, or really any event where you are able to fill your plate with food, when you have a high likelihood to overeat, feel regret, and overstuffed!

These are my 5 Rules of Intermittent Sampling:

  1. Put Protein on your plate first. You should aim for about 5-6 ounces of protein
  2. Try to make your plate as colorful as possible
  3. Allow yourself to try at least 1 bite of everything that looks tasty to you
  4. Keep portions for everything small, with the exception of protein. Remember you can always go back for more!
  5. Don’t deprive yourself of anything just because it is “Unhealthy” put that small serving on your plate.

Follow these 5 rules while filling one plate at a time. Finish that plate, and give yourself 10 minutes to feel your fullness, access your cravings, before going to get another plate of food. Then follow these 5 rules again.

You can have as many plates of food as you want. As long as you’re giving yourself that 10-minute break in between, to ensure that you are honoring your hunger, fullness, and cravings. 

By following these rules, you are implementing moderation. Allowing yourself to try a little bit of everything, and showing yourself that nothing is off-limits, but also making protein the priority! 

The 10 minutes in between plates gives you time to ask yourself: 

  • Am I satisfied? 
  • How full am I? 
  • Is there something else that you want a bite of that you didn’t put on the first plate? 
  • Is there something that you want to go back for another small portion of? 

If you’re not satisfied, and if you’re not already overfull, then go back and get the things you want a little more of or the things you didn’t get the first time around. But remember to follow the 5 Rules of Intermittent Sampling while filling that plate!

Follow these steps one plate at a time, filling your plate following the 5 Rules of Intermittent Sampling, eating, then waiting 10 minutes, and asking yourself these questions until you can say “I’m full, I’m satisfied”! 

These events don’t happen often. These events typically don’t have the healthiest of food. But by following these rules you are allowing yourself to enjoy these events! You will be doing the best that you can to make good choices, you’re honoring your cravings, without becoming overfull!

Life is about enjoyment without complete restriction. So, allow yourself to enjoy these events, the time with family/friends, without worrying about how many calories you’re eating. These rules and questions will allow you to navigate holiday meals, without overindulging or feeling guilty!

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