How to do Leg Pull Ins: Step-By-Step & Video

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Leg Pull Ins, while you might think this is a core exercise, I would actually call it a total body exercise. This workout works many muscles throughout your body: Upper and Lower Abs, Lower Back & Hip Flexor.

Leg Pull In Modifications

Based on your Fitness Level 

  • Beginner,Intermediate, & Expert: All fitness levels will use body weight only. Beginners might need to take more breaks, but the goal Is to complete the entire set.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Complete Leg Pull Ins:

  1. Lie on an exercise mat with your legs extended and your hands either palms facing down next to you or under your glutes.
  2. Keep your knees together and pull them in towards you while moving your torso towards them (Lift your head, neck and shoulders up).
  3. Hold and then slowly return to the starting position.

That is Leg Pull Ins. Complete the number of recommended reps.

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