How To Improve Your Digestive System

How To Improve Your Digestive System
Signs You Need To Improve Your Digestive System

Signs You Need To Improve Your Digestive System?

As someone who has personally suffered tremendous pain from poor gut health, I know exactly how difficult it can be to deal with and even talk about it. So let me help you break it down. Before we jump into how to improve your digestive system, we first need to talk about how your body tells you your digestive system is suffering and needs improvement.

4 Warning Signs You Have Poor Gut Health

  1. You struggle with constipation
  2. You have chronic upset stomach, heartburn, or headaches
  3. If you bloat or get gassy after eating certain foods
  4. Problems sleeping

Not all of these problems solely have to do with poor gut health. However, your gut is a great place to start. Your stomach is a gateway to the rest of your body, therefore, addressing your gut health could resolve any of the above concerns.

How To Improve Your Digestive System By Addressing Each Of These Signs Of Poor Gut Health.

How To Improve Constipation:

First and foremost, are you drinking enough water every day? If you are not drinking 1 gallon of water every day then you need to be. This is one of the quickest ways to improve constipation.

Next, are you getting enough fiber in your diet? If you don’t know I then I highly suggest you track your food every day for a few weeks. You should aim to get a minimum of 25 grams of fiber each and every day. Where to track your food? Click HERE to get the free app that I personally use.

If after trying those two things you still find yourself have regular conception then you may need to help your digestive system with some additional supplements. For me, those two things did improve my constipation, but they did resolve the problem completely. Once I added Opti-Greens and a Probiotic to my routine, then things really got moving!

How To Prevent Upset Stomach, Heartburn, And Headaches:

Improve your diet! Typically these symptoms are signs of a poor diet or food intolerance. Foods high in fat, fried foods, caffeine, alcohol, gum, dairy, carbonation, gluten, and artificial sweeteners cause stomach pains, heartburn, and headaches.

To figure out which foods are causing you pain, track your food and pay attention to your stomach, chest, and head, as those pains come on you can look back and see which food you ate recently and begin removing that food from your diet.

A poor diet can negate any other positive changes you have made in improving your gut or overall health.

How To Prevent The Bloat And Gas After Certain Foods:

Typically bloat and gas are signs of food intolerance. Therefore, figuring out which foods are causing these systems is key! Again tracking your food to figure out what triggers these symptoms is going to be the most effective way of preventing bloat.

Once you have identified the food that seems to be the culprit, eliminate that food from your diet for at least 2 weeks to see if your symptoms improve. If they have then you have your answer. Want to test it out to know for sure? Go ahead eat that food again and your body will tell you almost immediately if you were correct.

If you are unable to identify the food that is causing this discomfort I would recommend taking a Probiotic as well as additional Digestive Enzymes, as these can help alleviate gas and bloating as well as improve your overall gut health.

How To Improve Your Digestive System with Sleep?

Sleep is necessary for overall health. Without the proper amount of sleep, our bodies don’t function properly, lack of concentration, the inability to recover from workouts, moodiness, and digestion problems.

However, gut health could be the cause of your lack of sleep and vice versa.

To improve your sleep first try cutting out caffeine, alcohol, avoid fatty or sugary foods, and get exercise regular exercise. These things should help improve your sleep.

But, if you’re like me and have a hard time getting your mind to shut off at night, thinking about everything you need or want to do the next day then you might need an additional sleep aid. I recommend either taking Night-Tor Core 21Night T for anyone simply looking to improve their sleep. Core 21 for those looking to improve their sleep as well as aid in workout recovery.

Why 1st Phorm?

You might have guessed it, 1st Phorm is my favorite brand for all supplements. This is because they are the best! Their products are the best, the ingredients they use are the best, the way they handle their ingredients to prevent degradation is the best, and they taste the best! I also personally love that they are in business to help people! You will feel that with each and every purchase. From their thank you email to their hand-written notes with every order.

I personally use everything or have tried everything I am recommending here. Currently every day I take Opti-GreensMicro Factor (it has my probiotic as well as other essential vitamins), and Digestive Enzymes. A few times per week I will take Core-21 or Night T to ensure that I get a good nights rest and to help shut my brain down.

All of my gut problems are gone, I now go to the bathroom regularly, I no longer have gut pain, overall I just feel better, and I am getting the best sleep I have ever gotten.

If you have any questions about any of these products I would love to answer those for you. Please feel free to shoot me a message any time!

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What is Causing My Digestion Issues?

There are several reasons you may be suffering from digestive issues, the top 4 being:
• Lack of Sleep
• Lack of Water
• Food Intolerance
• Poor Diet

What Are Signs of Poor Gut Health
• You struggle with constipation
• You have chronic upset stomach, heartburn, or headaches
• If you bloat or get gassy after eating certain foods
• Problems sleeping

Learn more about how to improve your improve your digestive health.

How Can I Prevent Bloat

If you are unable to identify the food that is causing this discomfort I would recommend taking a Probiotic as well as additional Digestive Enzymes, as these can help alleviate gas and bloating as well as improve your overall gut health.

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