Do You Struggle With:

  • Weight loss, bouncing from one diet to another, never achieving your goal?
  • Reaching your goals, but unable to keep the weight off and maintain your results?
  • Those last 10-20 pounds being absolutely impossible to get rid of or do they keep coming back? 

Typically the problem is any combination of:

Random efforts this far may have allowed you to lose some weight, but it hasn’t allowed you to reach your goals or understand how to maintain them.

To lose your unwanted fat, to build lean muscle, and to maintain those results requires a strategic plan. The plan must include a specific focus both in the kitchen and in the gym. The specific focus will enable you to finally reach your goals and understand how to maintain them for a lifetime. 

This is for you if…

You are READY to reach your GOALS and lose that unwanted weight!

You’re TIRED of Yo-Yo Dieting. Frustrated with losing weight and not being able to keep it off. Feeling defeated with those last 10-20 lbs!


You want to enjoy AMAZING HEALTHY recipes, recipes that you will actually be EXCITED to EAT!


To LEARN how to Properly Fuel Your Body so that you can REACH YOUR GOALS. Learn to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle without feeling deprived! 

With Jenn, Your Nutrition Guru! I Will Provide You With The Nutritional Education, Recipes, Meal Plans, And Guidance To Reach Your Goals. To Finally Lose Those Unwanted Pounds, And Keep Them Off For GOOD! 

The program will teach you how to properly nourish your body for your personal goals, no matter how small or how ambitious they might be!

You will also understand how to make changes to your nutrition as your goals evolve.

This is NOT another Quick fix 30-Day Crash diet that leaves you feeling deprived, irritable, and unsure how to maintain those results.

You will get to enjoy the foods you love: bread, chocolate, pasta, no foods are off-limits, however, you will learn how to incorporate those foods in a way that allows you to still achieve your goals!

This is how I’ve Transformed my body, finally shedding the last 20 lbs and kept them off for over 5 years!

You’ll gain access to:

Nourish Your Body, Fuel Your Goals Guide, Providing The Foundation to Understanding:

  • What properly fueling your body looks like
  • What your focus should be based on your personal goals
  • How you have been fueling your body 
  • How to implement a reverse diet if you have been undereating
  • How to create a Well-Balance meal without tracking

Pre-Programmed Meal Plans:

  • Taking planning off your plate and making properly nourishing your body easy! Each month 2 new complete week meal plans are created so that you never have to put the same meal plan on repeat! And you’ll gain access to all previous meal plans, so you never have to plan again!

Endless Healthy, Delicious, Macro Friendly Recipes:

Don’t want to follow a specific meal plan, no problem you’ll get access to a growing library of amazing healthy recipes

  • 95% of the recipes are meal prep-able, including notes on how long each recipe will last and if they are freezer-friendly. 
  • Nutritional Facts: Calories and Macros are included with each recipe, allowing you to easily hit your energy (calorie) goals. 
  • 2-3 New recipes are created every single week, so you never get bored with your food options! 

Nutritional Education:

  • Uncomplicated Nutritional Education that makes putting the plan into place a breeze! You will finally understand how to reach your goals and maintain them for a lifetime. Each week you’ll receive 1 new piece of nutritional education, allowing you to continue learning how to live a healthier lifestyle!

Me, Jenn, Your Nutrition Guru:

  • During your first month as a member, you will get a One-On-One Consultation with me, where we can talk about your goals and I will provide you with some personal guidance. 
  • From that point on you have direct access to me to ask any of your food, nutrition, and supplement questions. I’ll be your personal nutrition guru, helping you along the way! 

I’ve been there! Struggling to reach my goals, hitting a plateau, giving up, only to start over again. Feeling deprived with food!

While counting macros I finally figured it out! I have always loved cooking, so…I put together everything that I learned while counting macros, working with fitness coaches, nutrition coaches, and getting my own certification In nutrition into my recipes and meal plan creations!

After years of maintaining my goals, I have proven that this works and It Is absolutely sustainable. I no longer feel deprived. I have learned how to properly fuel my body while enjoying foods that I love.

I want to share all of my recipes, meal plans, and education with you! I want to be your nutrition guru!

Jenn, Your Nutrition Guru

What People Are Saying:

This program pays for itself!

You Might Be Thinking, “I Can’t Afford Another Membership”, But Think Of What You’ll Be Saving By Joining:

You will save MONEY:

  • You’ll spend less money ordering out
  • No more rotten produce going bad in the bottom drawer!
  • The shopping list ensures you only buy ingredients you actually need
  • I will be your nutrition guru! At a fraction of the price and you gain access to hundreds of recipes, something most nutritionists do not provide!

You will save TIME and Headache: 

  • No more pulling your hair out trying to reach your goals!
  • Stop wasting time trying to put your own plan and shopping list together
  • The majority of the recipes are freezer-friendly, therefore if your plans change you can freeze leftovers for later making your life easier down the road not having to cook and of course you won’t waste that food.

You’ve got a million other things to worry about, so let me make achieving your goals easy, and take meal planning off your plate!

Cancel and Rejoin Anytime! Cancel after you have reached your goals or keep your membership going & maintain your access to me, and all of the amazing recipes, meal plans, & education!

Never Feel Bored or Deprived with Food Again!

Make Reaching Your Goals and Living a Healthy Life Uncomplicated!

Never Feel Bored or Deprived with Food Again!

Never Feel Bored or Deprived with Food Again!

Frequently Asked Questions:

I Don’t Count Macros, Is Your Membership For Me?

Absolutely! Just because you don’t count macros doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from healthy macro-friendly recipes.

This just means you get to take advantage of all the hard work I put into the recipes! By following my recipes or meal plans you are going to get a well-balanced meal! You will be properly fueling your body with the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats, without actually having to track your macros because I have already done it for you! 

What Meals Are Included In Your Meal Plans?

Each meal plan includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner for 5 days out of the week, with a few extra meals for the weekend. Each meal plan includes a shopping list, the macros/calorie breakdown for each day, and tips to easily increase the calories and macros for each day and each recipe. 

Are There Vegan And Vegetarian Recipes Available?

There are some, but the majority of the recipes are not. 

However, all of my recipes are easy to adjust if you do have a food intolerance or allergy. You can easily replace cheeses or milks with your favorite vegan-friendly options. As well as replace any meat or fish with Tofu, Tempeh, Seiten, Impossible Meats….any type of vegan protein you enjoy. 

Are The Recipes Healthy?

YES! All of the recipes found within A Dash of Macros are Healthy. I use as few processed ingredients as possible. I also cook with very limited amount of additional salt or added sugars. 

Are The Recipes Macro Friendly?

Yes!!! Every recipe is macro-friendly and I provide you with tips on each and every single recipe on how to adjust the protein, carbs, and fats to each recipe so that way you are able to make small tweaks to my recipes to fit your specific macro goals! 

Are The Recipes Meal Prepable?

Yes! The majority, 95% of the recipes are great for meal prep and are freezer-friendly. So if prepping is your jam feel free to prep away! But of course prepping is not a requirement!

I’m Cooking For More Than Just Myself. Will The Recipes And Meal Plans Work For Me and my family?

Yes, each of the recipes found on A Dash of Macros can easily be adjusted to fit the number of people you will be serving. You can simply go to the digital recipe, adjust the serving size, and voila, the recipe automatically adjusts the ingredients for you! You can do this for all of the recipes in each meal plan as well!

What If I Want To Cancel?

You can cancel and re-join anytime! If you cancel you will lose access to all of the recipes, meal plans, and nutritional education at the end of the current billing cycle. 

Are Your Recipes Difficult To Make?

All of my recipes are very easy to make! There are no special techniques that you need to know how to do. And I provide step-by-step instructions for each and every one recipe. In fact, 95% of the recipes take less than 30 minutes to make!

Will I Have Problems Finding Ingredients For Your Recipes In The Store?

No, you should not. You should be able to find all of the ingredients in your local grocery store without a problem. However, I do include links to the ingredients that allow to you either order the ingredients online or simply click the link to see a picture of the ingredient so you know what to look for in the store! 

I keep the recipes simple with simple ingredients that anyone can find and work with! 

If I Follow Your Meal Plans How Much Money Will I Spend On Food?

On average I spend $104.67 per week on groceries for me and my other half. Yep, $104.67  LOL

I track every penny I spend on groceries! This is the average of all of my groceries over the last 12 months. I am cooking and eating everything that you see in the member’s area. I am also always testing out new recipes, therefore my bills might be a little higher than yours.

Of course, there are some weeks that are less and others that are more. Items that will last longer such as spices, grains, oils, dressings, those types of things will always cause your bill to be a little higher, but in the end, it all evened out to $104.67

My Husband And I Both Count Macros But Our Macros Are Different, Is It Hard To Make One Recipe Meet Two Peoples Different Macros?

Not at all! This is actually why I don’t make a lot of casseroles, casseroles are the only recipe that it would be hard to make fit 2 different people’s macros. 

However, the rest of the recipes are pretty easy to adjust to fit two people’s different macro needs. I do it all the time, my other half is a lot bigger than me so he needs a lot more of everything! Typically, most people’s macro %’s are fairly close so simply adjusting the serving size for one person can easily solve this problem. 

If the macros are drastically different you can follow the notes in the recipe to identify the main protein, carb, and fat ingredients to make adjustments to each portion. 

A Dash of Macros is the ONLY Recipe collection and Meal Plan program that is aligned with Counting Macros! I will help you Hit Your Macros, Save Time & Money while enjoying delicious recipes! But You do NOT have to count macros to join. This program is guaranteed to benefit anyone!

It’s time to end the Confusion around: Weight Loss & Fad Diets. It’s time to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting and start living a Healthy Lifestyle