Create Healthy Habits, for BIG Change!

Create Healthy Habits, for BIG Change!

This is for you if…

You are READY to LOSE BODY FAT, BUILD LEAN MUSCLE, and learn how to maintain your results.

You’re TIRED of fad diets!

FRUSTRATED, thinking your metabolism is broken, that you are too old to get the body you want! Thinking your body doesn’t respond to eating right and exercise the way it used to. Feeling like you are doing all of the right things and nothing is working!

You’re DONE FEELING DEFEATED with those last 10-20 lbs!


You don’t want to feel restricted, you want to enjoy the food you love, while also LOVING YOUR BODY!

Your’re Eager

To create small sustainable healthy habits, for BIG change, WITHOUT hours of cardio!

To reach your goals by following a scientifically proven process combining nutrition, fitness, and education in a way that GUARANTEES you reach your goals and you understand how to maintain them for a lifetime!

You Understand

You can’t do it on your own and you’re ready for a coach! For someone who has been where you are and understands how you’re feeling and knows exactly what you need to do to see the results, you are looking for!

I’ve been there! Struggling to reach my goals, hitting a plateau, giving up, only to start over again. Feeling deprived with food!

While counting macros I finally figured it out! I have always loved cooking, so…I put together everything that I learned while counting macros, working with fitness coaches, nutrition coaches, and getting my own Certification to become a Nutrition Coach into my program; The Macro Method, as well as all of my recipes, and meal plan creations!

Many nutritionists only provide coaching, but that is where I am very different. With me, you get the coaching and guidance as well as the recipes that will keep you excited to hit your macros and stay on track. 

After years of maintaining my goals, and helping women just like you reach their goals. I have proven that this works and Is absolutely sustainable. You will no longer feel deprived. You will learn how to properly fuel your body while enjoying foods you love. You will reach your goals and understand how to maintain your results. You will learn to make small sustainable healthy choices that create big change! 

I want to share all of my experience, guidance, recipes, meal plans, and education with you! I would love to be your Macro Guru!

Jenn, Your Nutrition Guru

Never Feel Bored or Deprived with Food Again!

It’s time to end the Confusion around: Weight Loss & Fad Diets. It’s time to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting and start living a Healthy Lifestyle