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Breaking Through a Weight-Loss Plateau


The above video will walk you through:


Identifying a Weight-Loss Plateau:

A weight-loss plateau is defined as a period of stalled progress for 1 month or longer. Anything less than one month is NOT a plateau because many other factors could be causing the stalled progress on the scale.


Energy Balance:

Weight change is a function of Energy Balance: The amount of calories consumed compared to the amount of calories expended… ENERGY IN vs ENERGY OUT! The majority of weight loss plateaus are due to an overconsumption of calories compared to the amount of energy you are using.


4 Main Reasons Someone Might Experience a Plateau:

Adherence: You may not be tracking accurately

Your activity level may need to be adjusted

Your body composition

Underlying medical condition


Choose to watch the video or simply listen to It!

It is important that you watch and/or listen to this video as it will provide you with some key information about weight-loss plateaus, how to identify if you are in fact in a stalled progress of weight loss and what to do about it!