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The Macro Method Icon for Application

80/20 Rule, Tracking, & Portion Sizes


The above video will walk you through:


80/20 Rule:

Eat healthy and have your cake too! Eat nutritious foods 80% of the time and allow yourself to have your favorite treats 20% of the time.



Takes time, but the knowledge that you are going to gain outweighs the energy and effort of tracking.


Portion Sizes:

When Tracking is not an option. Understanding portion sizes is what is going to help you maintain your results for a lifetime!


Choose to watch the video or simply listen to It!

Helping you visualize a Well-Balanced meal when tracking is not possible!

Creating a well-balanced meal when tracking isn't possible is one of the main skills to be learned throughout this program. However, it takes time to learn that what different portion sizes truly look like. While you are learning, I wanted to provide you with a visual aid to help you whether you're cooking at home, out to eat at a restaurant, or eating at a friend's house. This create your plate visual tool, will help you stay on track to hitting your goals, even when tracking is not possible!

It is important that you watch and/or listen to this video as it will provide you with some key information about how to fill your calorie goals following the 80/20 rule, why tracking is important, and will provide a better-understanding portion sizes.